Monday, 4 February 2013

Beauty shot of Ghi wearing Alexander McQueen and Marc Jacobs bangles

Hi there,

It was about time testing my new beauty dish 
(a front element of a studio flash specially used for fashion portraits).
The idea was to use black on black and see only skin and accessories.

Ghi is wearing her resent Christmas and birthday presents that I gave her 
Two bangles of gold and pink, her favourite jewellery colours. 
I read at a blog some time ago comparing NY and London that 
the big Apple has Marc Jacobs and London has (had) Alexander McQueen.
So, here they are side by side, matching colours!

I hope you like the shooting, 
we both did :)


Her Cartier trinity ring is also worn side by side with her (our) golden band ring.

This photo is great for Ghi's CV. It's like saying, "That's me, you next CEO" :)

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1 comment:

  1. wow, she is gorgeous and these pictures are stunning. I wish I had such a great photographer to take pictures of me too ^_^