Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Emerging model Jeany about to bloom.

If you remember a few months back I made a post with Jeany calling her a new emerging model. I am proud enough to say that I was the first photographer to capture her beauty but certainly not the last. Today, now as I am typing, Jeany is flying to Milan for a two weeks multiple casting sessions with the top world class agency Major Model Management.

So, we just made a last studio shooting to boost her book.
Let's wish her good luck.

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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Amazing new shoe designers Chau Har Lee and Carolin Holzhuber

Hi there,

It's been some time I have my eyes on those two young girls who just graduated and fill the shoe world with amazing creations. 
Chau Har Lee's creations can be found at London's Selfridges which welcomed and supported her since her graduation collection in 2009.
Carolin Holzhuber comes from Vienna and is also based in London. She just graduated this year and her collection items travel around the internet from one fashion editor to the other.
Their success can come any day soon as London is probably the best place for talented shoe designers. Let's not forget that Jimmy Choo and Rupert Sanderson started from there in a similar booming way.

Check some of their works and google them for further info :)
(all images from the designer's pages and google)


Sunday, 23 March 2014

United Nude event at De Bijenkorf of Amsterdam

Hi there,
It was much fun seeing Ghi trying some great and iconic shoes from the famous Dutch brand of United Nude of Rem Koolhaas.

During March, the month dedicated to shoes, the luxury department store of Amsterdam 
De Bijenkorf organised many cool mini events.
One of them was that cool one with United Nude where people (girls :) could try on some special edition models designed by other designers along Rem Koolhaas like Iris Van Herpen, and Masha Ma.
Unfortunately I hadn't planned it, so, I turned up only with my trusty but camera-crappy iPhone. 
Although, the girls of United Nude would take a little Polaroid and give it to all who dared to try some almost 20cm high heels :)

Rem Koolhaas design team from the current collection at a mere 600€ :)

 Iris Van Herpen - past season
(And me at the background!!! :)

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Miuccia Prada and her never ending talent in creating shoes!

Prada and its perfect wedges! 
I do have something for wedges anyway, I always find them sexier than any other type of heels and that's why I was surprised and amazed to see the whole show of Prada's Fall2014 been walked on nothing else but wedges! Open, closed, slim, chunky, any type you wish but wedges and only wedges!
I loved them and especially the bold white T-strap sandals and the three amazing high boots, the white, the red and the black!
Of course though, everything else was equally amazing! That feathered like red dress and the great chunky jacket/coats. 
I don't ever publish fashion show reviews and I most of all avoid using photos other than mine but I had to share that of Prada because I have seen more than one hundred shows in the last three weeks and not many which made me say wow.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

NYFW Fall 2014 best shoes

NY fashion week of Fall2014 is ending soon and after many many shows I can publish my best shoe choices. There were many great shoes around by many designers. Although most of them nothing that we've never seen before. 
Although, there were  three collections which their shoes really stand out!

From the upcoming London FW I expect mostly amazing staff from the incredible Tom Ford and from Milan of course the queen of fashion Miuccia Prada's creations.
Till then...

Alexander Wang, the King of NY 

Monday, 23 December 2013

Shooting Thimo

Hi there,
here are some images from a great shooting I did with a cool guy, Thimo,
who is among others a journalist and media producer.
not only top model handsome :)

I hope you like the photos and styling.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Jean Claude Jitrois, the perfect leather fashion.

I keep my eyes on those perfect creations for some time now and I am more and more amazed. They can not get any prettier, classier or also sexier! And of course of the best possible quality.
Jitrois for leather clothing is what is Hermès for leather bags.
If I could... I would easily spend a 5 digit amount on those pieces for my love :)

Take a look and don't forget to visit site and dream on :)

Photos from

Thursday, 28 November 2013

DIY Church's shoes dyeing and altering

Hi there,

I would like to share with you a DIY colour alteration I did to my brand new Church's shoes.
Just because they cost several hundreds, it doesn't mean that we can not change their colour or make some customisations :)

Well, I am good with my hands but some others not, 
so, I wouldn't really advise anyone to dare something like that 
but for those who feel confident, it's nothing so difficult.
I scored those great shoes at a great price but before even deciding I new that 
I would wear them only if I dyed them.

My plan was to make them completely black but actually that dark blue was great, 
the only problem was the white details and most of all, that white rubber sole.


1. I was about to use the DYLON dye for suede and nubuck 
(mostly recommended, I used it before).
If you ever do it REMEMBER you can only dye something to a DARKER colour. You can never use a lighter colour over a dark one. It doesn't work like that with leather! 
Although I skipped that and I kept the original suede navy blue.

2. For the rubber sole I used the special car tire oil marker! They come in several colours (mostly white) and they are used to mark on the car tires or freshen up the already white writings (Bridgestone, Michelin etc.) So, they paint permanently and their colour is elastic, it doesn't crack due to the constant stretching of rubber.

3. For the white tiny leather details and lace holes I used a normal permanent black marker which should stay black for several times of wearing and then maybe they would need some touching up.
Oh, yes, I used a new pair of dark blue laces too. 
I would never bother with those leather laces, I hate those in all shoes!

There you are,
a new version of the Church's Hirst model of summer 2013

(Photo from


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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Ghi at night

A quick iPhone shot post featuring Ghi I a super cool outfit.

I hope you like her style, I loved it :)

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Casual and cool.

Hi there,
Here is Jeany once more, a frequent guest model of my blog.
She poses in her own clothing which is her casual and cool, laid back style.
Plus some beauty shots.

I had planned a nice shooting on location but due to horrible weather, 
I used my new apartment :)

I hope you like it.

Brands: SuperTrash, Zara, H&M, Unisa, Mac make-up 

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Monday, 23 September 2013

Ghi in Zanotti boots. Even Cowgirls get te blues...

Ghi got some time ago those PERFECT iconic Giuseppe Zanotti boots
but due to the busy times etc. I couldn't do a shooting the way I wanted.
But their time had come. 
Their American western style led me to choose a suitable location and I tried to give the best mood by choosing black & white with a sepia tone.

I loved her total black look, she totally rocked those Zanotti's. 
She also wears her favourite ARMA biker's leather jacket and a pair of Pull&Bear stretch and skinny jeans.

I hope you like this little fashion editorial!


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